Korpo Local Museum

Korpo Local Museum is located 800 m from downtown Korpo on Strömmavägen 39, in direction Hväsby. On the lavish grounds stand ten different buildings that were moved there from different parts of the island. One of these is a fishing shed, which is located down by the museum shore. The collection consists of donated objects intended for everyday use, as well as furniture and clothes from the region.

for private guided tours call 040 741 0545 (the Museum) or 0400 772 179 (Siv Wikström, chairperson).

Entrance 3 EUR, children under 12 free admission.

Season ticket 5 EUR, valid for both the Local Museum and for the Skärimuseum all summer 2014.

The SKÄRImuseum (Archipelago museum) in Verkan Guest Harbor

The museum emphasizes everyday life in the archipelago and the first exhibit is called "Korpo i sikte" (Korpo in sight). The exhibition includes tools and devices related to fishing and tells the story of an extinct fishing method known as seine fishing. In a short video the last "notkung" (leader of the seine fishing league) in Korpo explains how seine fishing is done. We also display objects related to smuggling, such as master smuggler Hjalmari Mäkelä's sled that was used for smuggling liquor during the Prohibition era. An animation created by Antonia Ringbom illustrates the history of Korpo's many footpaths.

The Skärimuseum was opened to the public 16.6.2012.

For private tours see contact information for the Local Museum above..


Stiftelsen Martha och Albin Löfgrens kulturfond